Psychology Department Celebrates Faculty-Student Excellence and Contributions

The Psychology Department is a beehive of activity, showcasing its faculty and students’ diverse expertise and achievements. 

Dr. Lorin Lachs, Chair of the Psychology Department praised the faculty and students.

“On behalf of the Psychology Department, I’d like to congratulate these faculty and students for their continued success in advancing our educational mission through the integration of teaching and research,” Lachs said.

Patrick Durkee’s Engagements at SPSP:

    • Presented a Data Blitz at the Personality SPSP pre-conference titled “Simulations exploring the interplay between measurands, mechanisms, and measurement in personality research.”
    • Displayed a poster at the Evolutionary Psychology SPSP pre-conference on “Links between lexical personality constructs and the functioning of evolved emotion programs.”

Alyssa Wilson’s Contributions:

    • Published an accepted manuscript with revisions, titled “Introduction to the Special Section: Spotlight” in Behavior Analysis in Practice.
    • Co-presented an invited workshop with Danquah-Brobby at the California Association for Behavior Analysis in Pasadena, CA, focusing on “Decolonizing practices in behavior analysis: Embedding cultural responsivity into training programs.”

Matt Sharps’ Publications and Presentations:

    • Authored a chapter in “The Reliability of UFO Witness Testimony” about forensic cognitive science’s perspective on the UFO phenomenon.
    • Published an article in Skeptical Inquirer on a skeptical approach to guilt and innocence in the judicial realm.
    • Contributed an invited article on pilot expertise and UFO observation to UFO1Info, also available in German.
    • Wrote a series of ten posts for The Forensic View on Psychology Today, achieving over 155,000 readers.
    • Alongside lecturer Jana Price-Sharps and alumni Kyle Villarama and Frankie Rios, presented a paper on dissociation and violence in judgments of guilt or innocence and another paper on cognitive resiliency for first responders at the Society for Police and Criminal Psychology conference.

Marianne Jackson and Student Achievements:

    • Gave a one-hour presentation on humor research conducted by her group at the California Association for Behavior Analysis in Pasadena.
    • Celebrated student Maleni Avalos Carrillo, who presented her research as a CalABA Student Research Award winner.

Hong Ni, Kelly Carrasco, and EdS Graduate Students’ Presentations:

    • The School Psychology Graduate Program team made a strong showing at the National Association of School Psychologists 2024 National Convention in New Orleans.
    • Delivered eight poster presentations covering various topics, well-received by a diverse audience of graduate students, practitioners, and faculty members from the U.S. and abroad.

These accomplishments reflect the vibrant scholarly environment at Fresno State’s Psychology Department, highlighting its commitment to advancing research, sharing knowledge, and fostering professional development across various psychology domains.