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About The College of Science and Mathematics

The College of Science and Mathematics is dedicated to the holistic preparation of the next generation of scientists and mathematicians for vital and diverse careers in STEM using innovative High Impact Practices.


We provide an environment in which faculty can develop and sustain high-quality research programs and meaningfully contribute to new knowledge in collaboration with students.


We serve our community and the regional industry as an objective source for science education, literacy and solution generation to challenges. 


We aspire to serve as a national model for comprehensive universities in the integration of teaching and research and STEM education for diverse students and as a regional and state leader in educational outreach and community service.


Dr. Christopher Meyer, Ph.D

Associate Dean
Dr. Jason Bush, Ph.D


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The College of Science and Mathematics is the largest in Fresno State, boasting 7 departments, more than 200 faculty members and over 4000 students. 


The Departments are: 

Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Computer Science, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, Physics and Psychology


Department Chairs

  • Biology: Karine Gousset, Ph.D
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry: Krish Krishnan, Ph.D.
  • Computer Science: Shih-Hsi (Alex) Liu, Ph.D.
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences: Mara Brady, Ph.D.
  • Mathematics: Carmen Caprau, Ph.D.
  • Physics: Douglas Singleton, Ph.D.
  • Psychology: Lorin Lachs Ph.D.




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