Welcome to Fall 2023: Message from Dean Meyer

College of Science and Mathematic Dean Dr. Christopher Meyer

Dear first-year, transfer, and returning Students,

Warm greetings and welcome to Fresno State for the 2023 Fall Semester.

To our incoming first-year students: As a fellow graduate of our sister institution, Chico State, where I obtained my degree in Chemistry, I understand the mix of excitement and anticipation accompanying the start of your college experience.

To our transfer students: You have embarked on a significant step in your professional journey, and Fresno State is here to support and guide you toward your goals.

To our returning students: It’s wonderful to have you back on campus, ready to continue your Fresno State journey with the confidence that you possess the skills and support needed to excel.

Originating from a small Northern California town near the Central Valley, I can vouch for the value of choosing Cal State. My academic pursuits took me to UC Riverside for biochemistry and to Michigan State for advanced training in biotechnology as a Postdoctoral Scholar.

This journey has led me to diverse roles, including serving as a faculty member and Chair at Cal State Fullerton and as a National Science Foundation (NSF) Program Director. Now, as your Dean, I am thrilled to be part of a vibrant and diverse academic and support community geared toward your growth and success.

The College of Science and Mathematics encompasses seven departments, offering over 20 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. With more than 4000 talented majors and a devoted team of over 250 faculty and staff members, we are fully committed to your educational journey.

Throughout your time here, our hands-on approach will equip you with the technical, critical thinking, and communication skills essential for the dynamic STEM careers of the 21st century.

Your degree from our College will open doors to many exciting, rewarding, familiar, and new paths.

As you explore the possibilities, remember that employers across various industries highly seek the skills you acquire through our programs. Our expertise spans mathematical, physical, biological, and behavioral sciences.

Despite our diverse disciplines, we share a common curiosity to understand and enhance the world around us.

STEM graduates are pivotal in advancing national health, progress, and economic prosperity. Collaboration is at the heart of our community. By bringing together diverse expertise, backgrounds, and experiences, we can tackle complex problems and gain insights that would be attainable in collaboration.

These challenges, like those related to food, water, health, and the environment, are vital to the Central Valley and beyond. While you may initially perceive these tasks as distant, rest assured that many of you will make significant contributions within a few years, and some will have a profound impact while still at Fresno State.

Our students have launched successful businesses, co-authored published papers, and presented at national and international conferences.

Your preparation extends beyond the classroom and exams. As students of the College of Science and Mathematics, you will engage in real-life scientific research in various settings.

Through these experiences, you will cultivate knowledge, skills, and experiences that hold great value for employers and our region’s success.
I recognize that this journey requires dedication from students and their families, but the rewards are immeasurable.

And remember, you are not embarking on this journey alone. We provide academic support through our Academic Resource Center (ARC) in Science I building and numerous scholarship opportunities through CASA.

I encourage you to meet with your professors often and build a strong relationship with faculty. They’re here to provide you all the support for your success.

I’m looking forward to another great semester.

Go Dogs! Excelsior!

Dr. Christopher Meyer
Dean, College of Science and Mathematics Fresno State