Professors offer Tips to Prepare and Study for Finals

Dr. Jason Bush speaks with students during Donuts with The Dean event.

It’s that time of the semester when students showcase what they learned, earn an A-grade, and ride into the winter holidays like a boss. 

Well, it’s not always that easy. 

For some students, finals week comes with anxiety and fear of not doing well on a test that might determine your final grade on the course, scholarship, or graduate school opportunities. 

But since it’s exam week, it doesn’t hurt to get more help to get to the finish line. To this end, the dean’s office hosted Donuts with the Dean event at the Science II Rotunda, where several students grabbed coffee, chocolate and donuts on their way to class.

While donuts are a cool surprise on finals week, here are a few tips from Fresno State professors to boost your confidence. 

Tips from Dr. Alexandria Hansen, Department of Biology

  • Don’t study alone, get with some friends and work together. 
  • Attend those study sessions and office hours leading up to exams – get help early on if needed. 
  • Eat a peppermint or piece of chocolate right before the exam; note: this does NOT replace studying, but it might help relax you a bit.

Tips from Dr. Amith Kamath Belman, Department of Computer Science

  • Identify when you are most attentive; some are focused at night, and some during the day. Use that to your advantage. 
  • Break down your study material into manageable chunks.
  • Groups can be efficient in some cases- teaching each other in groups can help understand the concept in detail. 
  • Make your practice exam, look at the material or chapters, and try to think of what the professor would focus on in this chapter. What is the highlight?”. Write down the top 4 questions you could ask someone if you were teaching the course.
  • Remember to rest and recharge your brain, Sleep well, eat nutritious meals, and exercise to maintain focus.

The Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics, Dr. Christopher Meyer, and the Associate Dean, Dr. Jason Bush, wish all our students success in their final exams and happy holidays.