Victor E. Bulldog III Immortalized in Bronze

Victor E. Bulldog III statue in front of the Resnick Student Union.

There’s a new bulldog at Fresno State.

A bronze statue of Victor E. Bulldog III, the university’s retired live mascot, was unveiled Wednesday at the Resnick Student Union in front of a capacity crowd, which included Bulldog III and his successor, Bulldog IV.

Fresno State President Saúl Jiménez-Sandoval shared his pride in the university’s live mascots and said he often gets praise from his counterparts whenever he brings the bulldogs to events, a more practical live mascot compared to other schools symbolized by larger animals like mustangs or bears. 

Center for Access to Science for All (CASA) staff represented the College of Science and Mathematics and posed for photos with the newly unveiled statue. 

Fresno State News provided a comprehensive coverage of the event. The story includes a history of Fresno State’s live mascots. 

Click here to read the report by editor Eddie Hughes.