Ongoing Construction Activities on Campus a Sign of Great Things to Come

Heavy equipment working the grounds at Fresno State

Watch out. There’s magic unfolding all over the Fresno State campus. 

Despite the sweltering heat, construction workers are busy in various parts of the Fresno State campus.

The grounds between Science I and Conley Art and the Satellite Student Union is fenced out to allow digging trenches to modernize the University’s cooling system. Not too far, on the parking lot adjacent to Science II and Peter’s Building, heavy construction is ongoing, leaving the lot inaccessible for parking.

Grounds around the Henry Madden Library are also another theater for construction. The green fences extend from the side of the majestic building to the main entrance and have temporarily closed-out access to the free speech platform. 

For the Fresno State community and visitors’ safety, motion-activated voice alert posts are placed in several parts of the campus, warning pedestrians to exercise caution while walking near construction sites. 

So don’t be spooked if you hear a voice warning you that you’re in a construction zone and urging you to proceed cautiously.

While construction might be an eyesore and require us to make some adjustments, the result will likely improve the campus upon completion. For now, plan your visit to the campus ahead of time and give yourself enough time to maneuver the parking situation.