Mathematics Professor Howie Hua uses social media to promote his love for the subject.

Howie Hua: The Math Ambassador

With almost 85,000 followers on X and close to 80,000 on TikTok, mathematics instructor Howie Hua is one of the most popular instructors at Fresno State. Hua is on a mission to make math cool. His social media comment section shows evidence he’s making good progress. “This is so clear! Can’t wait to share it […]

College of Science and Mathematics Associate Dean, Dr. Jason Bush

Dr. Jason Bush Settles In as CSM Associate Dean

Cancer researcher and former chair of the Biology Department, Dr. Jason Bush, has now served a full semester as Associate Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics and earned some “street cred” on the job.  Bush says the best part of his new position is working with students from all disciplines, hearing their views, […]

College of Science and Mathematics Dean Christopher Meyer joins the CASA team at the photo booth during the Open House event.

‘Haunted CASA’ Open House in Photos

His Royal Bulldogness, Victor E. Bulldog IV, dressed as Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, was among the distinguished guests who graced the occasion at the Center for Access to Science for All (CASA), ‘Haunted CASA” Open House event held outside the McLane Annex. CASA relocated its operations to the Annex to pave the way for […]