Physics Outreach Program Featured on Fresno’s CBS 47 TV

Fresno State Physics Outreach team on CBS47 Show

The Fresno State Physics Outreach Program took center stage on Fresno’s local CBS47 show in a segment showcasing several captivating experiments to inspire the next generation of scientists and educators. 

Under the leadership of program director Don Williams, Physics Outreach strives to make science engaging and accessible to young minds.

The CBS47 segment highlighted several scientific principles, such as the expansion and contraction, varying expansion rates of steel and brass when subjected to heat, and the concept of natural frequency, explaining how objects vibrate at their inherent frequency when disturbed.

Larry Lam, a Fresno State senior majoring in natural science and physics led the presentation. Sara Sanchez, a senior liberal studies major and Koung Lee, a junior majoring in physics assisted Lam.

Using a hoverboard, Williams demonstrated how harnessing air pressure could lift a person, easily lifting show host Emily Erwin, around the studio floor. 

Physics Outreach Program’s Mission:

Beyond the captivating experiments, the Fresno State Physics Outreach Program is committed to nurturing future scientists and teachers. Their mission includes visiting local elementary and middle schools to instill a passion for science among young minds. 

View the show segment below.