Fresno State CSM Students Embark on an Enlightening Trip to Nutrilite Plant

CSM Dean Dr. Christorpher Meyer, Biochemistry Major Aaron Asparin and Ramsey Jay Jr at Nitrilite plant. | Photo by Maurice Ndole

At sunrise on July 27, Fresno State College of Science and Mathematics (CSM) students will embark on an unforgettable biotechnology journey, visiting the Nutrilite Plant in Buena Park, California. 

Dr. Christopher Meyer, Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics at Fresno State (CSM). | Photo by Geoffrey Thurner

Spearheaded by Dean Dr. Christopher Meyer, this educational trip will see approximately 20 students from Fresno State and USC delving into vitamin research and development.

The $42 million Nutrilite Plant is a cutting-edge 60,000-square-foot facility that opened in 2015 as Amway’s research and development (R&D) facility. 

It’s currently manufacturing different kinds of vitamins sold exclusively by Amway. 

Meyer said the trip is an excellent opportunity for CSM students to engage with a leading biotechnology company that could be a future employer. 

“The Nutrilite Plant visit presents an excellent opportunity for these young minds to interact with industry professionals, ask questions, and network, laying the foundation for their potential future as biotech professionals,” Meyer said.

Nutrilite’s role as a vitamin research and development hub showcases the significance of continued innovation in nutrition. Students will learn about the existing body of knowledge and witness the unfolding of new frontiers in the ever-evolving biotechnology field.

According to local media reporting in 2015 when the plant opened, the Nutrilite facility was built to support ingredient granulation an important mid-step in the manufacturing of vitamins and minerals. The process involves taking raw ingredients from Nutrilite farms and turn them into tablets.

CSM is committed to providing Fresno State students with practical educational experience connecting them with potential employers. The College is the largest in Fresno State, boasting 7 departments serving over 4000 students and with more than 200 faculty members.