Feria de Educacion Attracts Hundreds to Fresno State

EES Students share about the major

Fresno State’s held it’s 8th annual Feria de Educación on Saturday connecting Spanish-speaking parents, students, and community members with resources for post-secondary education.

Organizers estimate more than 1500 people attended the event. 

Geology graduate students Morgan Hicks and Sergio Medina manned the The Earth and Environmental Sciences Department (EES) resource table, and Jessica Bustos and Bianca Hinojosa manned the Building Opportunities through Networks and Discovery (BOND) table, and representing the College of Science and Mathematics. 

Here’s a statement from University President Saúl Jiménez-Sandoval

A Fresno State degree is the key to a better future. With a Fresno State diploma, your daughter or son will become a professional -a leader in our community! 

Also, they will live a better life, with a better salary. Support your daughter or son to cross the finish line. 

When things get hard, support them to persevere, ask them to seek out help and tell them to use our resources at Fresno State. 

Above all, tell them to not give up. Everything that’s worth it, will require work and determination. 

And remember: Fresno State’s team is here to help –we will help your student to graduate with a diploma that’s like a golden shiny key that opens thousands of doors, with plentiful opportunities. 

Forward and onward, familia. You can do it because you’re intelligent.