Event Announcement: Chemistry Seminar on Molecular Stability

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Join us for an insightful Chemistry Seminar.


Conformational Stabilities of α-Halocarbonyl Compounds Analyzed by Computational Methods


Eric Thompson

A Collaborative Project with Drs. Closer’s and Donnelly-Hermosillo’s Labs

Date & Time:

Friday, April 12, 2024

From Noon to 12:50 p.m.


Ag Mechanics, Room 102

About the Seminar:

Dive into the fascinating world of organic chemistry functional groups with Eric Thompson as he explores the unique chemistry of carbonyl groups, focusing on α-halocarbonyl compounds. Discover the stereochemical secrets behind these compounds’ conformational stabilities, dissected through advanced computational methods.

Understand how intramolecular interactions and energy decomposition analysis reveal the intricate play of forces, including Pauli repulsion, orbital interactions, and dispersion, that shape the energy profiles and determine the stability of various molecular orientations.

This seminar promises to go beyond traditional electrostatic interpretations, offering a quantum mechanics perspective necessary for a deeper understanding of carbonyl group stereoselectivities.

Hosted by:

Fresno State – Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

We look forward to seeing you there!