Earth and Environmental Sciences Dept Gives 4th Graders a Geological Tour

Dr. Mara Brady gives a mural tour to 4th graders

Fresno State’s Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences recently welcomed 48 fourth-grade students and six staff members from Golden Charter Academy for a unique educational experience.

Dr. Mara Brady, department chair, highlighted the Nov 17 event as part of the students’ geology unit.

“Golden Charter is a great school to partner with since it focuses on environmental stewardship and hands-on experiences,” Brady said in a statement. “The students were curious and engaged and asked great questions.”

The visit, designed to deepen the students’ understanding of California’s geological resources, featured three interactive stations set up by the department’s faculty and students, including those from liberal studies taking EES 9-Introduction to Earth Science.

These stations provided hands-on learning opportunities about earth hazards and earthquakes, the significance of rocks and fossils in recording history, and showcased the department’s rock, mineral, and fossil collections.

Notable exhibits included a saber-tooth cat, a meteorite, and two murals in the Science II building – one illustrating the geologic time scale and another depicting a cretaceous scene from near Tumey Hills, west of Fresno.

This initiative is a testament to the department’s commitment to promoting earth science literacy and nurturing future environmental leaders in the Valley.

The collaboration with Golden Charter Academy, known for its emphasis on environmental stewardship and experiential learning, was particularly fruitful.

The students’ curiosity and engagement were remarkable, earning high praise from the university and academy staff.

“We all agreed this was one of the best student groups we’ve ever worked with,” Brady concluded.