News Briefs: Donuts with The Dean and Clubs Day, Advisory Board Members Visit College

Drs Ellen Woo, David Lent and Christopher Miller introduce the Brain health and Science Institute to CSM Advisory Board members.

At least 8 clubs affiliated with the college of science and mathematics set-up tables and engaged students in last weeks Club Day and Donuts with the Dean event held at Science II rotunda and courtyard. Associate Dean Dr. Jason Bush, welcomed the students, the students networked with the associate dean and other students engaging in discussions about the goals in life and sought advise, while enjoying an assortment of donuts.

Donuts with the Dean and Club Day is a great opportunity for students and faculty to network, share personal experiences, ask questions, and get to know more about the college.

The Advisory Board

Several members of the College of Science and Mathematics Advisory Board members received first-hand presentations about progress and advancements within the College.

Dean Christopher Meyer gave the board members an overview of the College’s activities and future plans.

Dr. Ellen Woo, director of the newly-formed Brain Health and Science Institute, and her colleagues Dr. Chris Miller, BHSI associate director of outreach programs, and Dr. David Lent, the associate director in charge of research programs, shared about their program, geared toward brain research. 

The focus of BHSI is on health equity for underrepresented population with neurological diseases.  

Center for Access to Science for All (CASA)

Center for Access of Science for All director Lilia De La Cerda gave the board an overview of all the programs housed under the CASA umbrella. 

The programs include:

Health Careers Opportunity Program (HCOP), a university-funded program open to any student interested in targeted health professions, currently serves over 1,200 students.

HCOP alums have gone to serve in various hospitals around the Valley.

Health Professions Pathway (HPP) 

A Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI) funded – a $2.9 million 5-yr grant housed under HCOP, currently serving 465 students. HPP 

Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (CSU-LSAMP)

NSF, Chancellor’s Office, and University-funded CSU system-wide program targeting STEM undergraduate majors who have faced social, education, and economic barriers.

The board also heard presentations from Dr. Lorin Lachs, chair of the psychology department, Dr. Karine Gousset, the newly appointed biology department chair, and Don Williams, director of the Physics Outreach Program, Dr. Mathieu Richaud from the earth and environmental sciences department among others. 

About The CSM Advisory Board

The College of Science and Mathematics (CSM) at Fresno State has an Advisory Board composed of community members passionate about the sciences and committed to fulfilling the College’s mission. The role of the CSM Advisory Board includes:

Providing Strategic Advice: The board offers advice and counsel to the dean, faculty, and staff on various strategic matters, including the future direction of the College, curricula, programs, and external affairs.

Enhancing Impact: Members provide insights on how the College can improve the impact of its services on different stakeholder groups, ensuring it meets the needs of students and the community.

Supporting Fundraising Efforts: The board actively supports CSM fundraising efforts, helping secure resources for its programs and initiatives.

Facilitating Professional Contacts: Members use their valuable contacts within the scientific and professional communities to connect the College with resources, research opportunities, and collaborations that enhance research and educational efforts on both local and statewide levels.

Guiding Students: Board members also offer valuable contacts and advice, assisting students in their career, internship, job-seeking, and graduate and professional school decisions.


The Advisory Board consists of the following members:

  1. Dr. Jordan Barnett
  2. Dr. Valerie Bressler-Hill
  3. Dr. Danielle Campagne
  4. Dr. Thomas Downing
  5. Dr. Katherine Flores
  6. Christopher Johnson
  7. Dr. Joan Otomo-Corgel
  8. Dr. Keith Quattrocchi
  9. Dr. Ray Rodriguez
  10. Dr. Ken Schmidt
  11. Dr. William Silveira
  12. Trish Small
  13. Dr. Rosemary Waters

CSM Man’s President’s Booth

Dr. Christopher Meyer, the dean of the college of science and mathematics, the associate dean Dr. Jason Bush and CSM high impact practice coordinator Alejandro Mendez, manned Fresno State’s president’s booth Friday. The trio, joined by several CSM faculty, engaged students and gave out swag won after spinning the wheel of fortunes.

Dean Christopher Meyer meets students
The College of Science and Mathematics dean Dr. Christopher Meyer, engaged students while manning the Fresno State presidential booth Sept. 22.