Day of Giving: Donate to the College of Science and Mathematics

Day of Giving promotion events

Day of Giving: Empowering Student Success and Fueling the Valley’s Growth

Fresno State’s Day of Giving, an annual online fundraising initiative overseen by the University Advancement division seeks to motivate the broader Bulldog community to contribute to their preferred causes.

Our mission for this year’s Day of Giving is clear: beating last year’s numbers.

For the College of Science and Mathematics, that number is $29,000. For the university, the number is 1759 unique donors and $460,000 in donations. 

It’s a challenging lift, but together we can get it done. Use this link to contribute to the College of Science and Mathematics (CSM).  

The goal is to raise money to benefit three areas.

  1. The College of Science Mathematics Outreach
  2. Health Careers Opportunities Program (HCOP)
  3. CSM Dean’s Circle

CSM Dean Christopher Meyer has called the College to action. Meyer underscored the vital role of science and mathematics in addressing complex global and regional challenges that need unlimited funding.

“We are proud of the many CSM graduates who have gone on to exciting, diverse 21st Century STEM careers,” Meyer said. “We are dedicated to providing the best preparation for our students going on to the workforce and graduate and professional schools.”

The 7th annual Day of Giving is set to kick off on Thursday, Nov. 2. And is an opportunity for everyone touched by Fresno State’s excellence and dedication to education to give back, support the causes that matter most to them, and contribute to the growth and prosperity of the Valley.

CSM plays a vital role in supporting the Valley. Programs such as Physics Outreach and service-learning classes offered within the College are great examples of community partnership inspiring the next generation of scientists.

Lilia De La Cerda, the director for Center for Access to Science for All (CASA), which houses HCOP, thanked the donors and encouraged them to continue supporting the program because “Your support will help us make a real difference in their lives.”

“Your contribution to HCOP will help support our mission of providing a nurturing approach and ‘home away from home’ along with providing the guidance and support necessary for our Fresno State students to successfully enroll in health professional programs,” De La Cerda said.

VP of Advancement Call to Arms

In his first message to the campus community, Brady Crook, the newly-named Vice President for University Advancement, rallied the troops, saying, “Join with me in demonstrating Bulldog pride.”

Crook called on us to join the effort in 3 ways.

  • Wear red to show your Fresno State spirit.
  • Donate to support something you care about — consider your favorite campus area or program by visiting
  • Attend the Day of Giving faculty and staff kick-off breakfast at the Smittcamp Alumni House at 7:30 and 9 a.m. (For those who have RSVPed).

A Legacy of Excellence

Since its establishment in 1911, Fresno State has played a pivotal role in the growth and development of the San Joaquin Valley.

Fresno State’s impact reaches far beyond its campus boundaries, touching the lives of countless individuals and communities throughout the region and beyond.

Known as the “breadbasket of the world” due to its vital role in agriculture, the Valley is an area of great potential and opportunity, where Fresno State serves as a cornerstone for nurturing knowledge and innovation. 

By supporting the Day of Giving, you have the power to contribute to the continued success and prosperity of this remarkable region.

Choose Your Cause

A unique aspect of the Day of Giving is donors can choose the area they wish to support. 

To support CSM, donors can choose three areas.

  • Donate to support the College of Science and Mathematics, which is a blanket support to all the CSM departments. 
  • Donate to the Health Careers Opportunities Program (HCOP). Supporting HCOP helps students from disadvantaged backgrounds pursue health careers, fostering diversity and increasing the number of healthcare professionals serving the Valley in every community.
  • Donate to the College of Science and Mathematics Dean’s Circle: The CSM Dean’s Circle, consisting of alumni, businesses, and friends, seeks to promote and support innovation within the college by providing funds for curriculum enrichment, research, student and faculty travel, technology support, and unforeseen needs.

Every Gift Matters

The power of the Day of Giving lies not only in the generosity of donors but also in the collective effort of the Bulldog community. Every gift, big or small, is crucial in advancing the university’s mission of empowering students for success. It’s an opportunity to be part of something larger than oneself, contributing to the growth and success of future generations.

Join the cause and Spread the Word using #FresnoStateDOG

In addition to making a financial contribution, you can further support CSM by becoming a CSM Day of Giving ambassador and spreading the word to your family and friends.

Sharing your passion for the university on social media using #FresnoStateDOG helps create a sense of community. It encourages others to join our cause.

Meyer is ready to lead the charge.

“Please join us in supporting the next generation of science and mathematics professionals who will contribute to progress, prosperity, and wellbeing for the valley and beyond. Excelsior!” 

Use this link to contribute to the College of Science and Mathematics.